About us

Who are we?
TAZMANSYSTEM LTD. We are a small independent company located in Calgary Alberta, Canada
What do we do?
We came up with a way for transferring (racking) your wine from carboy to carboy. It works transferring wine from side by side or floor to counter. “THE RACKER” can also transfer your fine wine from carboy to your wine bottles.(bottling is now done on the counter instead of the floor). The units are very easy to clean and sanitize, very light weight, (2 lbs. total) and takes very little room to store. Works well with your existing equipment.
Where did the idea come from?
I work at a winemaking store. Many of our customers would come into the store and mention that they will soon have to stop making wine because of the heavy, awkward, and sometimes slippery glass carboy. This is where the idea was born. After a lot of thought and many hours of experimenting with different ideas and methods to remedy this problem, we came up with what we named “THE RACKER”.
Does it work?
We have been manufacturing “THE RACKER” since October 2013. We have made a few changes to” THE RACKER” from the first few units that were made. We improved “THE RACKER” performance as well by making it a lot more user friendly for our customers. We also added a complete instruction guide to help our new customers to get their “RACKER” up and running quicker.

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